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8 October
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I like shiny things. Shiny pretty things that I can play with. And that are fun. Or that I can read. Or watch. Yeah.
3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, a midsummer nights dream, a perfect circle, alanis morisette, angel, bedazzled, billy idol, bleach, breaking benjamin, bright eyes, bsb, buffy the vampire slayer, bush, cake, candlebox, charmed, chevelle, chicago, chris daughtry, coldplay, constantine, count of monte cristo, counting crows, crash, creed, crossfade, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, default, depeche mode, des'ree, devotchka, dirty dancing, dishwalla, disney movies, disturbed, emerson drive, emmy rossum, equilibrium, er, eric clapton, evanescence, fallout boy, finger eleven, five for fighting, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, frou frou, fuel, gamemastering, garbage, goo goo dolls, green day, greenwheel, grey's anatomy, hanson, harry potter, hellboy, hellsing, heroes, him, hinder, his dark materials, hoobastank, imogen heap, incubus, institute, jann arden, jewel, josh groban, keane, kelly clarkson, korn, kutless, kyle xy, lara croft, leann rimes, lifehouse, linkin park, lord of the rings, lucia micarelli, maroon 5, matchbox 20, memoirs of a geisha, merlin, mest, modest mouse, mr. and mrs. smith, mr. brooks, musicals, nightwish, nine inch nails, nonpoint, norah jones, ok go, phantom of the opera, pride and prejudice, radiohead, reading, rpg tabletop, sarah mclachlan, shinedown, sisters of mercy, skillet, smallville, snow patrol, speak, switchfoot, the all american rejects, the batman series, the calling, the chronicles of narnia, the corrs, the crow, the cure, the dresden dolls, the fray, the jacket, the killers, the mummy series, the old kingdom, the postal service, the rasmus, the red curtain trilogy, the robe, the simpsons, the superman series, the transporter, the wheel of time, three days grace, thursday, trapt, twilight, u2, underworld, unwritten law, v for vendetta, vanilla sky, vienna teng, vnv nation, what dreams may come, within temptation, writing, yasushi ishii, yellowcard